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U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Router USR5461 For Sale

U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Router USR5461

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U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Router USR5461:

U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Router (USR5461) The USRobotics Wireless MAXg Router provides the simplest installation process anywhere, while delivering the performance you have come to expect from USRobotics. Featuring exclusive MAXg Technology, this router delivers a 50% range improvement over standard 802.11g for total home/small business coverage while providing a MAXimum performance of 125 Mbps. With the built-in USB port the USR5461 allows you to share your printer with your whole network. Start sharing your network wirelessly today with the USRobotic Wireless MAXg Router.Order now!

  • US Robotics 802.11g Wireless Router General Features:
  • MAXg Technology for up to 125 Mbps performance 50% better coverage than standard 802.11g
  • SureStart installation wizard Built in USB Print Server
  • Conforms to Internet Printer Protocol (IPP) Support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
  • Supports up to 253 users (with additional hubs/switches)

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