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RATtrap Smart Internet Security Firewall Protects all your Internet connections For Sale

RATtrap Smart Internet Security Firewall Protects all your Internet connections

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RATtrap Smart Internet Security Firewall Protects all your Internet connections:

RATtrap Smart Internet Security Firewall Protects all your Internet connections Description
  • SUPER SIMPLE SETUP - RATtrap is true Plug-and-Play and does not need any configuration changes on any device on your home network. RATtrap connects to your broadband modem and existing WiFi router or WiFi mesh system. RATtrap uses patent pending technology to configure itself autonomously so it will be up and running in matter of a few minutes. You can optionally use the mobile apps for Android/iOS or a web browser on your PC/MAC to get insights into RATtrap's security efficacy and customize the protection offered by RATtrap.
  • BULLETPROOF SECURITY AND PRIVACY - RATtrap continuously monitors your Internet traffic to protect ALL your connected devices including your WiFi router from malware, botnets and hackers. RATtrap provides ad-blocking, web browsing protection, parental control, internet pausing and the ability to control access to your home network remotely. RATtrap has the same limited visibility into your network traffic as your Internet Service Provider (ISP), thus safe-guarding your privacy. RATtrap NEVER sends any of your network traffic data to the cloud for analysis.
  • REAL-TIME UPDATES - RATtrap works in concert with IoT Defense's cloud back-end. The IoT Defense cloud comprises of a global threat sensor network, multiple real-time threat intelligence (TI) feeds and proprietary machine learning algorithms that model the Internet's threat landscape. Your RATtrap device receives this threat data in real-time, as frequently as every hour, to protect your home network from the latest evolving threats and outbreaks. In addition, RATtrap's software continuously improves itself through frequent automatic updates.
  • CONTINUOUS MONITORING AND PROTECTION - RATtrap includes IoT Defense's Continuous 24/7 Monitoring and Protection Service for first 12 months. You can continue this service after 12 months for only USD 9 per month or USD 99 per year. There are no long-term contracts or commitments and you can cancel anytime.
  • SUPPORTED CONFIGURATIONS AND COMPATIBILITY - RATtrap supports Internet broadband SPEEDS OF UP TO 300 Mbps. RATtrap is INCOMPATIBLE with DSL/PPPoE based broadband services. RATtrap MUST BE CONNECTED at one end to a modem and at the other end to a WiFi router. If you have a typical wireless gateway supplied by your ISP, which has both the modem and a WiFi router in a single device i.e. integrated/combined router-modem, you need to ADD A SEPARATE WiFi router to be able to use RATtrap. PLEASE SEE FAQ on RATtrap - Smart Firewall website for more details.

Product Description

Your home is full of internet connected devices. While these 'always on' and 'always connected' devices greatly enhance your life, they also put you and your family at risk from an increasing number of online attacks targeting such devices. RATtrap is an internet security solution that monitors your home network diligently 24x7 and actively blocks any attacks. RATtrap protects you against ransomware, phishing, identity theft, privacy violations and attacks on your home router and the protection improves continuously via automatic updates. RATtrap is the only true plug-and-play device that does not require any configuration changes, to your network, on any device. RATtrap’s web-browser protection, ad-blocking, parental controls, internet pausing and remote access control features makes it a must have security and privacy device for all smart homes.

From the Manufacturer

True plug and play

Setting up RATtrap is a super simple. Just connect it to your broadband modem and your WiFi Router, apply power and that’s it, your home network in instantaneously protected. There are no configuration changes required on any device and no software to install. You can optionally use the mobile apps or the web dashboard to get details on the threats blocked by RATtrap and learn about the health of your home network.

Universal protection

Unlike your Anti-Virus software which just protects the devices where it is installed, RATtrap secures all the devices, both wired and wireless, on your home network. The protection offered by RATtrap does not slow down your home network or flood it with unwanted traffic. RATtrap’s protection continuously improves through automatic updates to keep you safe from the latest evolving threats. RATtrap sits in front of your home router and is able to protect it from attacks as well.

Web browsing protection

RATtrap web browsing protection ensures privacy by hiding the websites you visit on any device in your home from prying eyes, including your ISP, using state of the art encryption. Additionally, it keeps you safe from sites that serve malicious content.

Real-time notifications

Using the RATtrap web dashboard and mobile apps you can receive real-time alerts about blocked threats. Additionally, you can learn about the usage statistics and health of your home network without being overwhelmed with unnecessary technical details.

Ad blocking

RATtrap blocks ads on all devices running a browser which includes PCs, Macs, smart phones, tablets, smart TVs without requiring you to install ad-blockers. You will experience dramatic increase in web browsing speeds and stay safe from malware infections.

RATtrap Protection

RATtrap uses a combination of local (on-device) logic, machine learning based anomaly detection, threat intelligence data feeds and a global threat sensor network to detect and block malicious traffic. RATtrap actively monitors traffic entering and leaving your home and makes real-time decisions. Through examination of traffic headers and metadata, RATtrap can identify malicious connections and block them. RATtrap devices continuously receive threat intelligence data from the IoT Defense cloud so that you are always protected from the latest evolving threats. The efficacy of RATtrap’s protection was proven during the recent Mirai botnet attacks that targeted IoT devices. All connected devices behind RATtrap were completely protected against these attacks.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Simple, Smart, Secure

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

The number of internet connected devices in users’ home is on the rise. The only protection users have from online threats is their PC antivirus which protects nothing but PCs and the WiFi router which provides a firewall based on technology from the early 90's and is highly vulnerable to attacks itself. These solutions are completely ineffective against modern day threats targeting IoT devices. Having worked in commercial and government cyber-security space for decades, we wanted to bring some of the key advances in enterprise security to the home consumer without the complexity of management and configuration. This is why we built RATtrap.

What makes your product special?

RATtrap differentiates itself from other consumer security solutions with the following features: * Sits between your broadband modem and router - protects your home router from attacks. * Small form factor - fits in a closet along with your modem and router. * True Plug and Play - does not require ANY device reconfiguration. * Secures all connected devices - complete consumer IoT device protection. * Draws from a global threat sensor network - learns about attacks as they occur. * Continuous improvement - automatic software and threat intelligence data updates. * Ad-blocking for all devices - prevents malvertisements and speeds up web browsing. * Web browsing protection - hides the domains you visit from your ISP. * Respects users' privacy - does not send your internet traffic metadata to the cloud. * Brings enterprise level security to your home - without the configuration and management hassles. * Built by a team who has multiple decades of experience in cyber-security in the US defense industry.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Seeing an idea turn into a product is very gratifying. Knowing that we have built something that keeps users safe as more and more of their life goes digital is exhilarating. Learning from our users who love the design, the simplicity and the efficacy of our product is what drives us to try harder every day.


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