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Dell Branded APC SRT 3000VA/120V Rack or Tower with AP9631 NMC - Open Box
Warranty from 3/2019 Build Date Please read description and ask any questions before hitting buy it now.
All pictures are from the item currently for sale.

This was a new unit that I played around with for a few days when I considered switching out a couple of the SMX models I have to get the double conversion topology. Since I have around a ton of the external battery packs for the SMX models decided it wouldn't be worth changing so this is up for sale. I installed an AP9631 Network Management Card (according to the APC website that's what they ship with if you order with the card from the factory) so I could log in to the unit for testing. The card you see in the pictures IS included with the sale. The card is a few years old but has been upgraded to the most current version of the OS/Firmware and works without issue. If you order these SRT 3000VA models through APC it's an additional $550 to get the cards added at the factory. They work the same regardless of who installs them. These are identical to the APC SRT3000XLA or SRT3000RMLA (or SRT3000RMXLA-NC since I added the NMC) high density, double conversion UPSs. The Dells come with the rack mount kits and stabilizer feet so they can be used either way without buying anything extra. If you look at the picture of the sticker on the side of the unit you'll see they don't even bother to change it from the APC model #s. I'm just a hobbyist and not a pro network guy so, if you're looking at this, you likely know more about these than I do but here are a few observations coming from the last couple of months I've been fooling with this stuff and about this unit specifically.

  • Please do note the manufacture date on this item. This was a little less than 2 years old when I fired it up and everything looks good with the batteries. If the date code (digits 3-6 in the serial number) indicates a unit much older than this, even if it's never been used, factor in the cost of possibly having to replace or rebuild the battery cartridge.

  • Battery charge was still good when I first plugged it in although didn't think to take note of exactly what it was, and it's been a couple of months since. After charging to 100% the indicated runtime with the light loads I've had on the unit it lines up with the estimated runtime graph on the APC site.

  • While these are a little less efficient than the SMX (not double conversion) models it's really pretty close. Maybe a percent or two when both units are set to regulate voltage (which they both do very well). The double conversion topology obviously offers benefits over the line-interactive models. Incoming distortion, as an example, is significantly reduced.

  • In the limited time I've had the SRT3000 to play with seems like the fans are pretty much always on. I'm guessing this is a product of the double-conversion topology. It isn't an unpleasant noise but it is audible so if quiet is a priority you might want to consider placement, fitting with different fans or getting a different model.

  • I bought all of the equipment I'm using in bulk so can't supply a receipt but, according to the APC site, with no purchase receipt the warranty starts on the build date making this one good through March 2022.

  • If you're looking for more detailed technical info on these it's best to search on the APC site using the APC model designation. It's a lot more complete than what Dell offers on their site.

  • I've updated the UPS to version 8.3 of the firmware which I believe is the most current.

  • I've updated the AP9631 to version 6.9.6 of the firmware which I believe is the most current.

  • The montage of admin screens included in the pictures are all from the item for sale in this listing.

As I referenced earlier, I'm not a network guy and don't have any experience with these business class UPSs in their natural environment but I've been messing with several of the SMX units and peripherals over the last 2 months and had this one un-boxed so I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. Shipping/Packing
The original packing on these is very nice and they use a better quality Styrofoam than what you normally see. Would survive multiple 'ships' and this were shipped to me on a pallet so haven't seen much abuse. I am, however, pretty OCD about packing and shipping so will want to fashion something to act as a shell for the actual factory box. Because of this it might take a couple of days for me to get it on its way and why the handling time is a little high. I'll get it out as quickly as possible but don't want to over promise. If purchase is made right before a weekend I can almost always have it picked up on the following Monday. Shipping will be via FedEx ground with sufficient declared value to cover any issues. I've had to estimate what my additions to the packing will be so if my actual shipping cost is significantly lower than what is paid I'll refund the difference. Returns
This is a no returns listing but you're obviously still protected by the built in buyer protection if what you receive is not as described. It is therefore very important you make sure that you know what you want and this is it before you purchase. So PLEASE ask any questions in advance if you're not sure. I will ONLY ship to the verified address on your account.

Conditions of Sale.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all.

Once again, contact before offerding if you have low response.

If you would like to do local pickup please contact for payment methods on pickup. Check my response, I'm pretty easy to work with and always try to make sure people are happy with anything they purchase from me. If problems happen during shipping I will help with the claims but I do make every effort to pack items securely enough that there will be no problems.

Will be packed very securely for safe transport.

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