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Cyberoam CR 25iNG 1800mbit/s Hardware Firewall Model No. SCB-6901 #97 For Sale

Cyberoam CR 25iNG 1800mbit/s Hardware Firewall Model No. SCB-6901 #97

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Cyberoam CR 25iNG 1800mbit/s Hardware Firewall Model No. SCB-6901 #97:

Cyberoam CR 25iNG 1800mbit/s Hardware Firewall Model No. SCB-6901 #97

Future-ready Security for SOHO/ROBO networdk

Cyberoam NG series of Unified Threat Management appliances are the Next-Generation network security appliances that include UTM security features and performance required for future networks. The NG series for SOHO offer “the fastest UTMs made for SMBs” to small offices. The best-in-class hardware along with software to match, enables the NG series to offer unmatched throughput speeds, compared to any other UTM appliance in this market segment. This assures support for future IT trends in organizations like high-speed Internet and rising number of devices in organizations – offering future-ready security for small office networks.

With Cyberoam NG series, businesses get assured Security, Connectivity and Productivity. The Layer 8 Technology treats User-Identity as the 8th Layer or the HUMAN layer in the protocol stack. It attaches User-Identity to security, which adds speed to an organization’s security by offering instant visibility into the source of attacks by username rather than only IP address. Cyberoam’s Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) supports feature enhancements that can be developed rapidly and deployed with minimum efforts, offering future-ready security to organizations.

Hardware Specifications

--Copper GbE -4-

--Console Ports (RJ45) -1-

--USB -2-

--Hardware Bypass Segments#---

--Configurable Internal/DMZ/WAN Ports -Yes-

-System Performance

--Firewall Throughput (UDP) -1,800-

--Firewall Throughput (TCP) -1,200-

--New sessions/second-6,000-

--Concurrent sessions-500,000-

--IPSec VPN Throughput (Mbps) -210-

--No. of IPSec Tunnels -550-

--SSL VPN Throughput -75-

--WAF Protected Throughput -100-

--Anti-Virus Throughput (Mbps) -350-

--IPS Throughput (Mbps) -240-

--UTM Throughput -125-

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